We are delighted to share with travelers from around the globe many beautiful places to visit or stay, each place brims with hospitality, warmth, charm and character.



The Enchanted Islands are described as heaven on earth by photographers, filmmakers, explorers and lovers of nature in general, due to the countless tones between deep blue and light turquoise that the Galapagos Sea displays which are a poem for the cameras , as well as the important variety of endemic species, the fundamental essence of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, without forgetting to mention the volcanic landscape of the islands that takes your breath away and constitutes a powerful motivation when deciding the destination to be visited.

Amazon Rainforest

Practically all earth’s inhabitants are deeply concerned about climate change and its consequences, which is why we advise visitors who share these ethos to travel in to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, so they can see, first-hand, the vital importance of this wonderful geographically secluded area for the world.


Antisana Reserve Condor Watching Exploration Tour

Just an hour and a half from Quito you will find one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Andes Mountains The Antisana, volcano and reserve, where you will be able to see the majestic condor flying with a high Andes snow-capped volcano as background!


Quito Full Day

9AM Leisure breakfast at Cultura Manor’s garden terrace, overland drive through scenic routes going north towards the line that runs straight through the Equator: latitude 0 (Equator Line) to obtain the traditional photo at “Mitad del Mundo” monument with one feet on each hemisphere.

Otavalo Full Day

After breakfast in The Manor around 8 AM we will embark on a beautiful journey experiencing 4 different ecosystems driving North across the volcanoes avenue. It is time to visit the colorful, world-renowned indigenous market at Otavalo, where all kinds of marvelous handicrafts are on offer.


Boutique Hotel Cultura Manor

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