Hotel Cultura Manor History

Boutique Hotel Cultura Manor in Quito is a delightful mix of European traditions and contemporary trend. We consider ourselves an inner city retreat, with an out-going personality and inspirational food.

In 1933 the house was home of Quito's most prestigious elite club where the upper class congregated to discuss business, hunting trips and the future of the country, but after five glorious decades it slowly fell in oblivion and later on closed for two more decades until seven years ago, when we acquired the property, followed by an abundance legal procedures three ulcers and paper work to buy the property and to obtain the permits from the National Patrimony to restore the house.

During this time the building was carefully restored, with special detail given to maintain the unique characteristics of the original interior.

The story goes, that the original owner had disposed of an olive tree forest in Uruguay, bringing the wood by ship from Montevideo across the incredibly dangerous Strait of Magellan all the way to Guayaquil, and by mule to Quito, in order to build the windows of what is today Cultura Manor. The house is hemmed with this stories in every single detail of its architecture, including the use of modern technology to transplant 10, 14 meter tall palm trees to create a mature beautiful garden that surrounds the house with secluded seating areas for relaxing -- or watching our resident hummingbirds do their thing.

So come in and discover for yourself why we won best touristic project by the City of Quito and official selection for Habitat 3 along with the many coverage articles by specialized magazines.

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A constant effort to preserve and improve has allowed us to receive important press releases during our almost two decades of operation.