Boutique Hotel Cultura Manor has been nominated for the first time at the World Travel Awards, an important award of the world tourism industry, known as the Oscars of Tourism.

Manor Culture nominated for the World Travel Awards

A stately patrimonial house, winner of the Ornato prize of the City of Quito in 1933, inventoried by UNESCO in Category ONE, a privileged place among the heritage assets of the capital of Ecuador; It has been carefully restored, receiving the official mention of the Metropolitan City Hall of Quito as Best Restoration 2017 and winning the Best Tourist Project in the city. This, is the home of the wonderful Boutique Hotel Culture Manor, where daily to receive their guests, transport them to the era of brightness and luxury of Republican Quito. Endless details, works of art, frescoes inspired by the works of Botticelli and careful attention, have allowed Boutique Hotel Cultura Manor, to be worthy of two nominations to the World Travel Awards in the categories Ecuador's Leading Boutique Hotel and Ecuador 's Leading Heritage Hotel.

The World Travel Awards, annually reward the most impressive tourist destinations in the world, as well as hotels, resorts, ecolodges, cruises, airports, trains and agencies that have a project of great interest for global tourism. Since its creation in 1993, the WTAs seek to recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in all sectors of the tourism industry.

The 25th edition of this important prize will be held on September 15, 2018 in the city of Guayaquil, in the opportunity to highlight the tourist attraction of Ecuador and its Galapagos Islands.

For Graham Cooke, Founder and President of the WTA, this award "has maintained its position as an industry leader for the last 25 years, constantly proving its value as a global reference point in travel and hotel and tourism business excellence"

The WTAs have a participatory characteristic, where the public has the possibility to vote through the official website. The voting process for Latin America began in March and will end on August 5, 2018.

To vote for Boutique Hotel Cultura Manor, you must enter the WTA website, and display the nominated tab, then search for South America and select Ecuador, where you can vote for Ecuador as a tourist destination and for the hotel. You can also enter by the following link:

Filmmakers and photographers visit Ecuador

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Promoting high end tourism in Ecuador is one of the main objectives of Boutique Hotel Cultura Manor, with this in mind, László Károlyi, founder and owner of the hotel, has invited some of his old friend which includes world celebrities, photographers, filmmakers and explorers for a second to none Ecuador tour, between January 22 to January 29. In this select group of guests, was Kurt Soderling, documentary maker, screenwriter and photo director, who has worked with world class directors such as Steven Spielberg, Tony Scott, Jim Cameron, Mike Nichols, Robert Zemeckis, in the making of films such as Titanic, Spider-Man and Pearl Harbor. Along with, Daniel Allen, screenwriter, editor, photographer, and award winner journalist for The National Geographic Traveler, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Discovery Channel Magazine, CNN, BBC, among other publications.

The group was joined by explorer Johan Ernst Nilson, and Scadinavian photographer Goran Thulin, local photographer Anamaría Chediak, Juan Alberto Sevilla, and Ecuadorian documentary filmmaker Felipe Cordero, with international TV presenters Irene Junquera and Eugenia Károlyi.

During a seven-day expedition, it is expected that the group of Filmmakers and Photographers will visit the city of Quito, photographing the heritage houses located in La Mariscal neighborhood and the Historic Centre.

In Cultura Manor, a 1930 listed building, winner of the Architectural Ornament Prize of 1933, an investigation will be carried out on the original architectural characteristics of the building and of the restoration process of this Category One Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In addition, and with the purpose of enjoying privileged views of the volcanoes and the Andes, they will visit Hacienda La Alegría located in Aloag, Hacienda Cusin in San Pablo del Lago, and the expedition will conclude with a cruise through the Galapagos Islands, on board the luxury Yacht Passion.

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